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Conference Friend or foe: Art and the Market in the Nineteenth Century

7 april 2015 – De kunsthandelaar: Vriend of vijand? Op 21 en 22 mei zal er in Den Haag een uitvoerig ESNA-congres plaatsvinden waar men deze vraag zal beantwoorden wat betreft de negentiende-eeuwse kunsthandel: The aim of this conference is to bring together case studies from a wide variety of (inter)national, chronological and artistic contexts which critically examine both the (alleged) impact of nineteenth-century art dealers on the art world and the sites of resistance towards this impact. This conference is organized by the European Society for Nineteenth-Century Art, the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD) and The Mesdag Collection, in conjunction with the exhibition and publication on the artist, collector and gentleman-dealer Hendrik Willem Mesdag. Zie hier voor het volledige programma en nadere informatie.



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