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Epitaph van Lascelles Abercrombie (1881-1938)


Sir, you should notice me: I am the Man;
I am Good Fortune: I am satisfied.
All I desired, more than I could desire,
I have: everything has gone right with me.
Life was a hiding place that played me false;
I croucht ashamed, and still was seen and scorned:
But now I am not seen.    I was a fool,
And now I know what wisdom dare not know:
For I know Nothing.    I was a slave and now
I have ungoverned freedom and the wealth
That cannot be conceived: for I have Nothing.
I looked for beauty and I longed for rest,
And now I have perfection: nay, I am
Perfection: I am Nothing, I am dead.

Lascelles Abercrombie (1881-1938)



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